7th Oct 2013 - All about Cycling Santas

It's been 4 weeks now since the Ironman triathlon, I've been very much relaxing and enjoying a different angle to my training, much more weights and 5k runs.  More focussed on power and speed than endurance...  but it's now time to start focussing on the next big, I mean BIG, challenge... the Cycling Santas... www.cyclingsantas.co.uk
So we've been visiting the NCCA HQ fortnightly to ensure the plans and coming together and it's really starting to take shape :) and not long until the press release, going to start really shouting about it soon and pushing for donations... and equally important I'm going to move the turbo into the now spare shed and start clocking up the miles on the bike again... it's going to be a tough challenge so really need to focus on getting in shape for this now.