4th Sept 2013 - I'm back!

To put it bluntly its been a while since my last blog, there's no excuses apart from the fact that I've simply been too busy!

I thought it was an apt time to return to blogging given that this Sunday is the Challenge Henly triathlon, a massive feat of endurance and a prominent landmark on my calendar of events this year. The good news is that half the reason I've been too busy is because I've been out training, so while there's never any guarantee with an event of this magnitude I'm feeling prepared and really looking forward to it. I've really done all the hard work for it and now is my favourite part of the training, the taper! Basically a chance to relax more, eat well and start to feel a lot fresher rather then spending hours out training on heavy legs, by Sunday I'll probably be bouncing off the walls to get out side and do some proper exercise!

The other half of my time has really been spent enjoying some quality family time down in Cornwall (a great place to train too) with lots of time in the beach enjoying the best summer I can remember in years, sailing with the kids, BBQs, etc...

Training wise I think what really pleased me the most was actually putting in few longs runs, something I barely did for the Forestman, culminating in a 21 mile run along the Camel trail in 2:46 which I was very happy with especially given I took a 10 min break half way to grab some supplies.

So I guess now only time will tell how well the weekend goes, personally I'm aiming for under 12 hours, so fingers crossed!