Aid 2 Hearing

Exciting news!!  My sisters website that I've just made for her is live :)
check it out here: 

7th Oct 2013 - All about Cycling Santas

It's been 4 weeks now since the Ironman triathlon, I've been very much relaxing and enjoying a different angle to my training, much more weights and 5k runs.  More focussed on power and speed than endurance...  but it's now time to start focussing on the next big, I mean BIG, challenge...

9th Sept 2013 - Challenge Henly

The big weekend Ironman... still need to write something up about this!!! Tough day out...

4th Sept 2013 - I'm back!

To put it bluntly its been a while since my last blog, there's no excuses apart from the fact that I've simply been too busy!

22nd July 2013 - NEW RELEASE - The Promo Video!!

Check out our promotional video taken at the Fareham Triathlon...